PAC Medium/Large Dog Training System | 1km Range | nDXT+



PACDOG - Experts in Pet Control Since 1989

A best seller Dog Training System to aid Dog Behaviour Problems

The nDXT+, 1km range, Remote Trainer enables the handler to simply and accurately address their dog with an appropriate correction, according to the misdemeanour, without the dog realising that the correction is coming from his collar. The dog needs to think that the tone/vibration or level of correction is associated with the trainer’s voice command or whistle and is a warning of something “out there” which needs to be avoided. The correction is startling enough to get the dogs attention and make them return to the handler for praise and attention.

This Kit comes with an nDXT+ handset, which can be simply changed to enable the simultaneous exercising of up to three dogs. It also comes with a Medium/Large Dog Collar, ideally suited for medium to large dog breeds like a Labrador or Boxer and up (Weight guide of 10kg and above). If you want to add more collars, check out the ADDONS TO CONSIDER section below. Note we have a compatibility chart included with the product pictures showing what collars will suit this handset.

Remember the collar that comes with the kit has a charger, but be sure to select the collar option ‘With Charger’ if you want more, or it is a different collar (some collars have different chargers).

This system will help you cure all types of persistent problems such as:

  •  Chasing farm stock and other animals
  •  Chasing cars, joggers, walkers, cyclists, postmen etc.
  •  Jumping up on people, stealing food etc.
  •  Dogs running away, or being wilfully ‘deaf’ to recall
  •  Dogs being over-enthusiastic, barking at people or other dogs
  •  Dogs pulling on the leash
  •  Gundogs ‘running’ in or being over-enthusiastic

Product Features

 Up to 1km range on ideal terrain

 Suitable for a Medium/Large Dogs, long or short hair breeds

 Strap is 18 mm wide, length can be adjusted up to 750mm

 Fast 2 hours Recharging collar, lithium-ion battery giving double the battery life of any other collar on the market

 Separate buttons for Tone, Vibration or Stimulus

 Rotary Dial with 60 levels of Stimulus

 Rechargeable handset batteries give up to a months’ worth of training sessions from a single charge

Collars are lightweight, durable and waterproof

Sync up to 3 dogs (extra PAC collars needed)

Collar USB rechargeable making it easier to charge on the go

Kit comes with handy carry case



  • FREE 2 Year Warranty on electrical units !

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  • FREE 2 Year Warranty on electrical units


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