TAIDEA Diamond Stone Sharpener


Multifunctional sharpener made by Taidea Company from the YOYAL outdoor series. The set lets you sharpen knives, scissors, small tools, and fishing hooks quickly. Bestseller!

You have a choice of carbide-tipped V-shaped grinding wheels for quickly evacuating the cutting edge, two ceramic rods that you can adjust to a forced 15° or 20° angle for smoothing and obtaining a sharp finish or for sharpening hooks. In addition, a 400-grade plate was covered with a monocrystalline diamond coating for coarse sharpening.

Made of durable ABS plastic and soft rubber, a unique case/glove box with a place to safely store ceramic rods.

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Technical Specification:

  • Product number: TY1406
  • Name: Outdoor Knife Sharpener
  • Type of sharpening surface: Diamont, Carbide, Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 135.0 x 38.0 x 16.0 mm / 6.31″ x 2.76″ x 0.81″
  • Weight: 53.0 g / 1.87 oz
  • Producer: Taidea Technology, PRC.


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